Essay on The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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"A great social success is a pretty girl who plays her cards as carefully as if she were plain,"(F. Scott Fitzgerald). According to Fitzgerald the American Dream stresses the importance of a wealthy life, and a wife of high social status. In both his works 'The Great Gatsby ' and 'Winter Dreams ' two men from a poor background fall in love with a girl and achieve financial succession in order to win her heart. In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby chases a girl that 's already taken, but that doesn 't stop her. Daisy Buchanan manipulates Gatsby into thinking they ever even has a chance when in reality she has a kid, and a life that she doesn 't see a problem with. The American Dream for many people is a white picket fence, and a happy family outside playing with their dog. It 's a perfect world we 've set up in our heads to base our life choices on. Over time this dream has become distorted into focusing on fame, and wealth the two main things that can ruin someone 's life and make them bitter and miserable. "Even personal finance books, which once just explained how to manage money, now insist that you do whatever it takes to get rich,"(Dunleavey). This American Dream ruined Gatsby 's future no matter how you change the ending he still ends up in ruin. Even if it is a dream to many, money won 't bring happiness. It could bring loneliness and sadness. The Great Gatsby presents the American Dream with greed, results in delusion, and can ruin your life no matter how you rearrange…

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