The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, young Nick moves to West Egg in his effort to find financial success in bond salesmanship. Soon after moving to East Egg, he visits his cousin Daisy and her Husband Tom. The visit was initially on good terms; however, Nick would only discover the devoid morals of veracity that defines the extensively wealthy. This striking enlightenment came upon Nick immediately after observing a fight between Gatsby and Tom over Daisy’s love, at the Plaza Hotel. The entire day was filled with a stressful, awkward atmosphere due to Tom’s recent discovery of his wife’s adultery, preceding the physical discord at the hotel. The outburst of emotional conflict seemed to momentarily stagger Nick in appall of the actions he just witnessed. He then accounted what day it was. After Nick realized it was his thirtieth birthday, an instant of retrospection made him recognize wealth doesn’t reflect on one’s happiness, the rich’s deficit of integrity and honesty, especially in the pursuit of the American dream, and the fact that he had been lacking in a meaningful career and maturity now that he is so old, which abruptly influenced his perspective of the upper echelon.
Gatsby used Nick to attempt in getting back with her, despite her being married for five years to a man named Tom. Eventually, the perceptible unorthodox attraction was noticed by Tom, which arose tumultuous conflict, rooted in history and love. The heated day led the group consisting of Tom,…

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