The Great Gatsby By F. Fitzgerald Essays

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Love can make us do unimaginable things. It can push us to get to a goal, but it can also drive us into madness. Obsession has the potential to do the exact same things. Does this mean that love and obsession can be intertwined into something hysterical? F. Fitzgerald illustrates madness in The Great Gatsby through Jay Gatsby as he is obsessive and desires Daisy Buchanan to the point where she is the only thing he can think about, which shows that love has the potential to become insanity.

Jay Gatsby is an example of madness through his obsession over Daisy Buchanan. When Gatsby gets back from the war, he searches for Daisy and finds her living in Long Island, New York. Gatsby’s life goal is to be with her, but there are some obstacles in the way. He works vigorously to buy a mansion across the bay from Daisy’s, on the West Egg. It took Gatsby “three years to earn the money that bought” (78) his mansion, and the only reason for this investment and hard work was so that “Daisy would be just across the bay” (78). The act of Gatsby waiting and working for three years shows his love for Daisy. However, he does not go and meet her. Instead, he hosts the greatest parties in New York in hopes that she will one day attend his party, see the greatness that Gatsby has obtained, and fall into his arms. Gatsby’s obsession over wanting Daisy and her love gets stronger as the years go by until he finds out that his neighbor, Nick Carraway, is Daisy’s cousin. From here, he treats Nick…

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