The Great Gatsby And The Scarlett Letter Essay

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The Great Gatsby and The Scarlett Letter have a few differences and similarities. These novels are based on American history. Both novels portray betrayal, misunderstandings, and judgment. All very similar things, but they each have a huge impact through both stories. As the each story progresses the conflicts become very serious. As this will be further explained throughout the following reading.
To give a small summary of each story, the Great Gatsby is a novel based on a rich man named Jay Gatsby. Gatsby is a man who wasn’t born wealthy and who was born by the name James Gatz, but he decided to change his lifestyle. Eventually becoming rich through selling bootleg liquor he became a millionaire. There is a neighbor of his named Nick, whom is a family member of the woman Gatsby has been in love with, Daisy. They once met when Gatsby was a lieutenant in Louisville. They fell in love, but lost connections due to Gatsby leaving for war. Daisy married a man named Tom. Throughout the story there are many problems. For example, Daisy and Gatsby reconnecting through Nick 's help and as the relationship starts to progress they have to keep it a secret from Daisy’s husband Tom but he began to be `suspicious. Eventually Gatsby forces Daisy to tell Tom about they relationship and it becomes a big issue because Daisy was supposed to leave with Gatsby. As they were on their way back home Tom’s mistress, Myrtle gets struck by a car and it’s Gatsby’s. Although when Tom and Nick see the…

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