Does Gatsby Love Daisy

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The Great Gatsby is based on Jay Gatsby and his life after he acquired his wealth.
Gatsby was born a poor man with his mother he ended up dropping out of college because he hated being a janitor. Gatsby then meets Dan Cody who teaches him about being elegant and how the wealthy lives. Dan left Gatsby $25,000 after his death but did not receive the money. Gatsby ultimately enrolled into the army and during training Gatsby fell for Daisy before he ultimately had to go to war for World War I. While he was gone for war Daisy wrote him a letter informing him that she has married the wealthy Tom Buchanan. This makes Gatsby urge to be wealthy even more appealing to get the woman of his dreams back he is willing to do anything to become wealthy even if it is not legal. Gatsby comes to his demise when Daisy kills Myrtle Wilson’s wife driving in Gatsby’s car. Gatsby ends up getting shot in the pool by Wilson who believes he had killed his wife. Gatsby’s love for Daisy is defiantly apparent. Does Gatsby really love Daisy?
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Gatsby is respectful and polite and also elegant. Gatsby was not born rich like the others in this novel. So Fitzgerald illustrates how people with money can ultimately be the worst people and just because you are rich doesn’t mean you have character. The person with the most morals and the best attitude was George. Though George ultimately kills Gatsby he is not having an affair and is hard working and god fearing the characteristics that is admirable. Though George works hard for his wife she does not appreciates him and ends up being killed do to this. The irony of this story was that Wilson killed Gatsby and Tom the man born rich had both of their love interest. Tom was the one having the affair with Myrtle and not Gatsby but Gatsby dies with George believing it was Gatsby sleeping with his wife and purposely killed

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