The Great Effect On Human Development Essay

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It was expected of women to surrender and sacrifice their lives for other members of the

family. What was natural to women in 19 Century? We really do not know argued Mill

because we have all the regulations forbidding women to do what they wish such as

perusing education, carrier and freedom as an individual to have a fulfilling life. Mill

believed everyone should have the right to vote, not letting women to vote was as

ridiculous as not letting men with red hair to vote either. Only if we tried equality, we

would see that there were benefits for women. They would be free of the

unhappiness of being told what to do by men. And there would be benefits for society at

large it would double the mass of mental faculties available for the higher service of

humanity. The ideas and potential of half the population would be liberated, producing a

great effect on human development. Family is the mirror reflection of the society a small

micro cosmos its morals and rules, passing of power are contagious. Fathers, lovers,

husbands, “heads of families”, rulers of church and the governments suffocated women

for generations having self-interest as their preference it was never her story but history.

It was a system created by church and government and then adopted by every little “cell”

so-called family. Patriarchy is an unjust social system that enforced gender roles where

women were in other words just legal slaves at…

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