The Great Depression Of The United States Essay

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To many American citizens, entering the war was considered to be nothing to worry about and seemingly in the distant future, since the United States had just recently ended the Great Depression. However, when the U.S. was pulled into the war, World War II,
First of all, many Americans wanted to avoid the conflict happening in Europe prior to 1941, due to the fact that the United States had just gotten out of the Great Depression. Most knew that getting involved would potentially harm the economy once again by spending money on warfare, hence jeopardizing recovery; which is why 25% of United States citizens believed that they should not give aid to either Germany or Britain (Doc 1). However, attitudes quickly shifted once the Japanese launched an air raid attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941; ‘“A date which will live in infamy’” (Franklin Delanor Roosevelt). The attack on the United States caused great confusion and rage amongst citizens. People quickly changed their beliefs from neutrality to involvement and wanted to fight the Japanese and seek revenge. President Roosevelt knew that Americans would not take the attack lightly and believed that Americans will win absolute victory by banding together and persevering through the experience showing and demonstrating extreme patriotism (Doc 2). The Japanese suspected the U.S. to be scared and fearful after the attack, but in reality the attack had the complete opposite effect. The attack did not shut the U.S down but…

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