Dropping The Atomic Bomb: Justice Or Not?

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Justice or Not?
In August 6, 1945 the US decided to drop the atom bomb on Hiroshima not so long after followed the 2nd bombing on Nagasaki. This was the first time nuclear weapons were used to devastate the enemy. The first city lost 80,000 Japanese lives and in Nagasaki 3 days after lost 40,000 people. Many US citizens question whether or not this was avoidable but the final choice was made by Truman believing that this would end the war which it did but at the cost of so many innocent lives that have never done harm. Not only was this weapon able to kill many people instantly the radiation that it left behind mutated people and made them have failures in many parts of their bodies not only that but also the animals and food became contaminated.
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Even within the inner circle of scientist that made the bomb they knew the power of this nuclear weapon. Even when the scientist warned Truman that he shouldn’t use this bomb because it would only create more problems later even if it was the only solution at the moment to end the war. Since America was under the suspicion of being spied on. Truman chose to not announce anything to the public about Code name “Project Manhattan”. A quote that shows complete discretion was needed to make the bomb successful was ” Keeping 120,000 people quiet would be impossible; therefore only a small privileged cadre of inner scientists and officials knew about the atomic bomb 's development” (UsHistory). The only man who was maybe able to change Truman 's idea was George S. Patton but even he agreed that the use of the bomb was a necessary sacrifice to end the war without any more bloodshed. They believed that by the use of this bomb they won’t make anyone suffer since it’s an instant …show more content…
Even though it won them the war against the Japanese the lives of the Japanese that died to this nuclear weapon was unthinkable it made america look like a monster never the less it was the cost. Some historians question whether or not it was a moral thing or reasonable thing to do since america is a land of peace and prosperity where 2nd chances are given. They shouldn’t be taken away that’s just wrong taking away lives to end the war especially if the lifes were innocent who have never done anything wrong. Although america has endured a lot of pain from others they shouldn’t try to get revenge when revenge can lead to something even worse. Although the bomb was a good thing for us overall it was bad for the world now mostly every country has nuclear weapons ready to use if they ever go into war they can use it to kill billions of innocent people who mean no harm. In long term this is the worst weapon ever made by man. Although when the bomb was dropped it not only killed people instantly but also left long term effects a quote that shows the effects is “Radiation causes damage to DNA and may lead to the development of abnormal cells which then form a cancer. At higher levels of exposure to radiation, cell death results. Cells may not be replaced quickly enough and tissues fail to function. Exposure to radiation of the foetus can increase the

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