The Great Awakening And The Awakening Essay

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By the beginning of the 18th century, the American Colonies had certainly forgotten their religious prosperity. The people felt as if they could make their way without relying on God for help. The Great Awakening was a religious movement through Protestant Europe, and the American Colonies. It became an evangelistic movement occurring in Germany, Scotland, and England. The movement was a result of the powerful preaching that made people believe they needed their sins to be forgiven by Jesus Christ. The Awakening would soon be the first occurrence to make the American people cast aside their differences and allow for unity to surface. The First Great Awakening jumpstarted the Evangelical movement within the Christian community of the Colonies. It also brought Christianity to the African Slaves and Native Americans whom the religious leaders at the time sought to convert. The Great Awakening brought about a difference in America’s focus on God and religion, affecting the government and the way the nation was shaped.

The great awakening started as a result of the Church of England establishing a state religion. Other religions such as Catholicism, Judaism, and Puritanism were blocked out because of this. This new religion was very good in many ways for the political leaders, but created a dry and boring attitude for the people of England. A revival of sorts was needed for the Colonies, as the restrictive and old world values of the current religious orders did not fuse well…

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