The Great American Dream Essay

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The great “American Dream” is the idea that in America, every citizen, despite social and financial standing, should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and wealth through hard work, determination, and initiative (Oxford Dictionary). After all, this is precisely what America was founded upon: the Founding Fathers took it upon themselves to turn what had been English colonies into a new nation in which its citizens could live according to law far more suitable than the law of the English tyrants. However, before America became the America of today’s world, or even 1776’s world, there were a number of hurdles the early colonists had to overcome, particularly those in the first permanent English settlement of Jamestown. Before settlement, England had been on the eve of empire. That is, with King James as the new king of England, the people had a strong government with a sense of pride and religious unity, a population boom, a hatred for enclosure (the fencing off of English land), unemployment in the wool industry, and unfairly inherited (or lack, thereof) land. All this led to a search for riches and land in the New World. Although life was difficult in early Jamestown for the settlers, they learned a number of invaluable lessons, especially those pertaining to successfully handling finances, establishing leadership, and securing relationships both in and outside of their community. Accustomed to being nurtured by England, the early colonists were without knowledge…

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