The Great Achilles Of The Iliad Essay

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Many things can make you a hero in someone 's eyes. A younger me would have told you her hero is her mother, a little boy 's hero may be their father. Some have heroes such as fire fighters, police officers, or soldiers in the military due to the bravery the show protecting the country.In the Iliad, Homer defines heroism in three ways, Strength, Bravery, and being a Warrior. All three of these attributes can be seen in the great Achilles of the Achaeans throughout the book.
Achilles shows a few points of weakness in the Iliad, but these moments set him up for great points to show his immense strength. Strength is a huge sign of heroism, not allowing what pulls you down to control how your life goes is a main attribute in being a hero, especially according to Homer. The moment of strength that impacts the story and Achilles ' heroism the most happens to be after Patroklos ' tragic death. Achilles hits an all time low and believes that he can not go on any longer. "What pleasure is this to me when my dear companion has died - Patroklos, whom I honored above any of my other companions, like myself" (Pg 427, line 73). He considered Patroklos to be one of his closest allies on the Achaean side. He was heart broken by his death, and by not being there to help him. His death caused Achilles to weep in front of the warriors, which for men, is thought to be a sign of weakness, but here in this circumstance, it is meant to show strength. "Achilles the fast runner followed, pouring…

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