The Grace Of The Gods On Mt. Olympus Essay

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By the grace of the Gods on Mt. Olympus our warrior people continue to dominate Peloponnesian league, Praise Zeus, mighty God of war!
The war against the Peloponnesians is going very well, my eldest son was delivered back to me atop his shield and he will be granted a gravestone. This is the highest honor a Spartan warrior could achieve and for that I am a very proud mother! My fifth born son will be leaving my home soon to join his brothers and father in war very shortly, and my ninth born son is rapidly approaching the age of seven and he will be leaving my home soon to join our city-states’ Agog regime. My heart swells with pride. My younger sister however; has recently cast her third child, who was unfit to carry the Spartan shield, into the hill side of Mount Taygetus. This ritual is for the good of our city-state and polis, the practice keeps our army strong and women fruitful. Never the less, my motherly heart goes out to her plight. Poor woman. My daughter is currently in talks of marrying a Mothake man from Athens, he was raised according to our ways, however he is not equal to us, he is not of our warrior blood. I have warned her against lowering her status as a Spartan woman, she comes from a long and strong line of true Spartiates. I am not certain as to why she would even entertain the idea of stepping down in her caste, but that is none of my business. She is a true Spartan as she stands, which is the best thing you can be. She may as well learn…

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