Peloponnesian League Strengths And Weaknesses

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Fellow members of the Peloponnesian League, I recognize that I have little authority to speak in this conference as I am a Spartan hoplite, not a council member, general, or mighty king. I have trained my entire life to be part of Sparta’s magnificent army, I grew up in Sparta and now live there with my wife and children. As you know, Sparta has the strongest army in all of Greece, and we are far superior to the Greek army. Our men are well-trained and prepared to fight. I strongly believe we should fight Athens as not only are they weaker (especially on land), but their thirst for power would destroy Greece. If they controlled Greece they would have to much military and economic power. If we allow them to win Athens will bankrupt Greece and squander of Greece’s resources! Athens will destroy Greece and our great city if we do not stop them!
The Peloponnesian League is better prepared than Delian League to go to war. We have far more experience and better trained fighters, as evident by the brilliance of the Spartan army. In addition cities in Delian League have been weakened by Athens as they are being forced to pay tribute which leaves them with less funding for their military efforts. I believe that the weakness of the other members of the Delian League means we can easily ignore them as a threat as they will not be able to sustain a
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I do not doubt that you understand my arguments and agree with me, as you recognize the might of Sparta’s army. While going to war is always treacherous, I have faith that Sparta will defeat the Athenians. Allowing Athens to control Greece would be more dangerous as they are gaining too much economic and military power, which they will use to ruin Greece. The Athenians are weak, and should be simple to defeat in battle, so long as we do not let them turn their city into an impenetrable island. We need to defend our city, our name, our league, and

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