Essay on The Government And The Private Sector

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Thomas (2009) demonstrated in his article that, in many developing nations at present, the government and the private sector provide health care jointly. Public health institutions are the only hope for the poor people. The majority of the developing nations are overwhelmed by problems of malnutrition and mass infections. Outbreaks of diarrhoeal diseases provide an evidence of the poor sanitation of the community and access to safe drinking water is unimaginable for millions even today. Using the examples of India, Thomas showed that they have some national level institutions providing postgraduate education and admirable patient care. Massive majority of Indians living in rural areas cannot afford the services of these hospitals. The private sector is obviously concerned with curative medicine and these hospitals have a profit motive except for a couple of institutions run by charitable institutions. Thomas thinks they cannot be blamed, as it is not their liability to give free health care facilities to poor people. (Thomas, 2009)

Chudi (2010) demonstrated that developmental and reproductive health indicators in developing countries are still dreadful, and negative health consequences have been related to poor socio - economic growth and development. Healthcare problems in developing countries are complex and are a result of a combination of issues like, socio - cultural, economic, political as well as poor planning and poor implementation of health policies and programs.…

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