The Government And The Corruption Of The Wealthy Essay

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The negligence from the government and the selfishness of the wealthy has led the impoverished inhabitants to live in some of the cruelest environments. Slums happen to be settled in areas of the city that no one wants to occupy as it is beneath their standards. Slums are known to be overcrowded, inhospitable patches of terrain that are the most susceptible to fires, mudslides, and harm from earthquakes. The slum communities do not have adequate access to water, proper sewage disposal, maternal care, or even education. The conditions are so terrifying that slum dwellers do not even have a proper toilet to utilize. The type of toilet one uses has been widely acknowledged as a mean to measure poverty. Let alone the fact that these residents do not have their own toilet, oftentimes they do not even have one nearby. Essentially, they do not have access to any of the eight goals that are on the Millennium Development Goals, a list of objectives created by the United Nations in order to combat poverty. Furthermore, the “Washington Consensus types (World Bank, IMF, etc.) have always insisted on defining the problem of global slums not as a result of globalization and inequality but rather as a result of ‘bad governance’ (Davis 11). These types of people have similar views with economist, Jeffery Sachs, who believes in a top-down approach towards correcting poverty issues and blames the government for such failures. Besides standing firm on their anti-poverty regulations since…

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