Negatives Of Gentrification

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Gentrification could be looked at as an controversial issue in society. It could be problematic in certain communities as well. This could have a negative and positive effect in some cities. There are two articles that will have their own opinion on the topic. One of the articles I agree with which is, “gentrification doesn’t trickle down” by David Dadden. He believes that gentrification does not always help everyone in the community which were affected by it. This could lead to problems not only in economic social classes but in areas where poverty is statistically high. Hence, crime rates are high in places where gentrification takes place.

In the article, “the mistaken racial theory” by Kay S. Hymowitz, the tone presented was bland kind of unclear. Kay displayed a lot of evidence but did not explained it thoroughly. She basically describes how race is usually tied into gentrification when it is not always the case. The idea of its mostly about
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In the article he mentioned, “ after gentrification take hold..ignoring the fact that poverty has usually only been bounced elsewhere.” This indicates that gentrification is also a benefactor that can cause more poverty in cities. Due to this; housing becomes more expensive and low income families will not be able to afford then forced to move elsewhere where poverty is even worse. Another idea madden brought up was, “the least useful way to criticize gentrification is obsess about an area's character, coolness, or even worse, ‘grit’.” People tend to only want to acknowledge the nice things about old neighborhoods being changed into fancy, stylish and, middle-class suitable living lifestyles. Middle class families shouldn’t have to live in crowded , overpopulated cities. They should live in rural, country-like neighborhoods. The idea of having to pushing families out, who lived in the neighborhoods for years seems quite

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