The Gospel Of Mark, By John Mark Essay

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Exegetical Paper Many people view wealth as the solution to all of their problems, but in the gospel of Mark, Jesus takes another side. He calls his followers to give up all their earthly possessions and be fully dependent on him. This is a picture of our dependence on God for our eternal destiny. Jesus calls christians to a radical, sacrificial life in Mark 10:21.
The second gospel, the Gospel of Mark, was written by the apostle Mark. He wrote this book primarily based off the teachings of Simon Peter about Jesus. Many believe that Mark is the same John Mark mentioned in the book of Acts many times. He was mentioned in Acts 12:12 because of his mother’s prominence in the church. He also accompanied Paul and Barnabus on this first missionary journey. John Mark ministered to Paul in prison and spent time in Rome with Peter. (Hays and Duvall, 558).
The Gospel of Mark is typically attributed to the decade A.D. 60-70. Many people believe that Mark began this gospel while Peter was alive, but he finished it after he was killed. Peter was martyred in Rome during this time period, which is why this decade is typically attributed to the gospel.
The gospel’s purpose of supporting those in persecution was apparent during this decade. “Mark’s main concern is to show that Jesus, the powerful messiah and son of God, is also the Suffering Servant.” (Hays & Duvall, 2011). At this time Neronian persecution was very intense following the great fire of Rome (A.D. 64). The gospel of Mark…

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