The Goals Of Criminal Sentencing Essay

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Every time a crime is committed there is a punishment that follows, whether it be a death sentence, or jail time, or maybe just some community service and an apology. The point is for every crime there is a difference in punishment. The differences of the punishments are called the five goals of criminal sentencing, each of them being important and useful in different ways. They list as; Retribution, incapacitation, deterrence, rehabilitation, and restoration. The first one that we come across is retribution in the old days we as a society might have referred to retribution as the old saying “an eye for an eye.” When looking at retribution we are looking at the crime that the criminal committed and then trying to serve a correct punishment that is fair. But who decides what is fair and the correct amount of punishment is the hot topic. And in theory retribution isn’t a perfect solution. An example of retribution and deciding what the punishment is comes about in the three strikes law states. For example Colorado has in forced the three strike law, just like if a baseball player strikes out three times her out, in Colorado and many other states if you receive three DUI charges it is now punishable as a felony with possibilities of up to six years in prison and a possible charge of a 500,000 dollar fine. But still at the end of the day it is up to the judge ruling what is applicable and fair to the case. There are four other goals of criminal punishment, the next one that…

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