Essay The Goals Of A Liberal Education

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People are often molded by the experiences they endure in their lifetime. They are who they are because of those experiences. We are all influenced by what we hear and what we see, for good and bad, and that is what structures us. Whether you live in the inner-city or the countryside, we are all influenced by certain affairs. I have been influenced all my life, every day I am shaped into who I am and who I will become. Some of the biggest influences in my life have come from the people around me. I have always wanted to be admired by my friends, so when I note one of my friends or someone around me being idolized I want to feel what they feel. I want to feel loved by as many people as possible. I am influenced by those people, I am who I am today because of those people. In “Only Connect”: The Goals of a Liberal Education, William Cronon gives qualities that make a person liberally educated. You can dig deeper into those qualities because the education you receive and the people you know influence you and shape you. Those people give you opportunities that you learn from, and advisement that you will always keep with you. In Peter Weir’s The Truman Show, Christof tries to persuade Truman to stay in Seahaven by saying there is “no more truth” in the real world. Truman goes with his heart, and his gut, by walking out and finding his true love, Sylvia. He didn’t listen to the “doubter” in his life. He made his own life rather than other people making a life for him. That is…

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