The Global Problem Of Globalization Essay

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The Global Banana

The Racial Slur Database associates banana with the phrase, “Yellow on the Outside, white on the inside” (Racial Slur). This internet slur is used to represent Asians who have lost their heritage by assimilating to other cultures (Racial Slur). Being Asian with Chinese descent myself, I feel my banana story is heavily influenced by the consequences of globalization. This social phenomenal refers to the “expansion and intensification of social relations and consciousness across world-time and world space” (Steger 15). Such an inevitable natural force has slowly integrated me as a banana in the global world through the diffusion of language, technology, and consumption of food. The global me is a product and catalyst of globalization.

Globalization has led to the diffusion of selective languages throughout the world. According to researchers from the University of Hawaii, globalization has brought about a decline of languages in order to homogenize populations’ communication (Steger 83). In particular, one model shows there is increasing significance of English, Chinese, and Spanish as the global languages (Steger 84). Nevertheless, it is fair to state that the impact of globalization is an “uneven process”, which suggests the social constructions can affect people differently by location (Steger 11). As for me, moving to the U.S as the age of 4 from Taishan, China, I was encouraged to learn these standard…

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