The Global Economy Of China Essay

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The global economy is one that is directly impacted by Earth’s biodiversity derived from its rich and varied environments. The locations of each region correlate to the resources and products that are able to be produced, distributed, and exported. Throughout history, humans have established societies and civilizations around these resources unique to their own location and trading patterns. The nation of China has been heavily influenced by their location, regional environment, trading patterns, and sociopolitical movements. Within the past few decades, China’s economy has rapidly evolved away from its dependency on exporting agricultural products to one that provides the global economy with manufactured goods; altogether, this change from the primary economic sector to the secondary sector has had a significant impact on the region’s people and environment.
Climate and Location of China:

Located on the Eurasian land plate, the People’s Republic of China, a nation that is often noted and referred to as the “Far East,” has a unique landscape due to the immense amount of land it covers, and its global position as it is the third largest nation in the world. Spanning across 50 degrees and 62 degrees longitude, the nation is home to five forest zones as well as deserts and grasslands (Marks, 2012, 16). China’s diverse landscape is noted with its massive coastline along the Pacific, the Gobi desert, rainforests, with territorial borders ending alongside the…

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