The Global Economic And Financial Crisis Essay

1010 Words Apr 22nd, 2015 null Page
The term transnational retailer is generally understood to mean all the activities involved in selling products and services to final international consumers for their personal consumption (Dicken, 2011). At the present time, the massive global economic growth and the change of the competitive market environment drive the retail foreign direct investment become one of the most important parts of the international economic activity in the world. This essay attempts to discuss the GDP and economic dynamic result financial crisis, also the government political such as capitalism, regulation and gendered economy phenomenal in society. Then explain how those factors determine the expansion and performance of the multinational retailers being success or failure.
To begin with, global value chain of the demand curve cause a growth of transnational retailer. Different supplier and customer demand in numerous countries affect performance and expansion of transnational retailer straight away. Logically, supplier and customer demand change depend on dominate country’s GDP. Research by Durand and Wrigley (2009) suggests that in the case of world largest retailer Wal-Mart, there has a relationship between Wal-Mart retailing and GDP per capital. The result indicated that Wal-Mart supplier has its motion to expand its retailing and enjoyed a greater international success in those counties which have lower GDP (Durand and Wrigley, 2009). The reason of this phenomenal could be seen as…

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