The Glass Roses Analysis

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A parent sets a certain dream of their children to become successful, they help to ensure this dream by passing on a set of beliefs and morals. As time passes parents watch their children develop into an adult, with their own values and thoughts. As shown through the short story, The Glass Roses by Alden Nowlan, it illustrates the struggle of a “willowy fifteen- year- old” who is trying to live up to his father’s expectations. Stephen is faced with the decision between following his father’s dreams by devoting his life to cutting down trees, or to fulfill his own dreams, and his desire to learn about history, life, and love from his logging partner Leka. The choice of Stephen to control his own values and ideas direct him in his own life, which shows that he has begun to find a path and a road to his morals. Thus, we see the …show more content…
Stephen is heavily influenced by his father, and wants to be like the other workers, but also doesn’t want to leave his dreams and morals behind. However, Leka, the polack, shows Stephen how that being different and having your own morals and ideas can be beautiful, like his mother’s glass roses though, “There is not much room in the world for glass roses”. As Stephen is unsure who he wants to be, he learns to try, and follow his own ideas and beliefs from Leka, who is different from the other men. Leka shows the different perspectives on how to view the world, other than the one Stephen was raised in by his father. The two characters are open minded and have different views, thus together they learn that being your own individual is more important than the stereotypes others set for you. In general, a parent can try to influence their children to be a certain way, but having to learn what is more important for one’s self can play a greater part in life, by the help of individual who has different

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