The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls Essay

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It is traditional for children to look to their parents to be role models and to teach them responsibility as they mature. In the memoir The Glass Castle written by Jeannette Walls, this isn 't the case for her and her siblings.They lived in poverty, lacking shelter and food because their parents were so irresponsible. Luckily, Walls was able to turn potential into tragedy to triumph by using common sense when it mattered the most. She found ways to solve her problems without getting help from her parents. Jeannette, her sister, and brother were given no rules to follow, no supervision when doing dangerous things, and in fact often were endangered by her parents.

One way Jeannette’s parents put her, her brother, and her sister in danger is when they decided to leave the door open at night when they were preparing to go to sleep. On page 102, Walls says “At night Mom and Dad always left the front door open and the back door and all the windows open.” Jeannette’s parents put their children in danger by increasing the risk of one of their children getting kidnapped. Then on page 143, Erma, Jeannette’s grandmother, shows actions of bad parenting when she uses racial slurs when speaking to Jeannette. She was having a conversation with Jeannette about why she went to a certain town. She kept on referring to that

town as “niggerville” When asking Jeannette about the certain city, she said “So, how was Niggerville?” And on page 144, she explains why she hasn’t left her house…

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