The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls Essays

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The Glass Castle
The Glass Castle is a memoir written by Jeannette Walls in 2005. The book recounts Jeannettes childhood experiences that lead up to her success in becoming a famous author. The book begins in Jeannettes adulthood after she has dealt with the affects of her destructive upbringing. It is a cold night in March in New York City and Jeannette is sitting in a taxi that is driving her to an upscale party. While she is stuck in traffic she spots her homeless mother searching through the trash in a dumpster. Jeannette then describes her mothers awful appearance in great detail. However, she comments on the facts that even in this condition, her mother still looked like the lovely women she remembered in her childhood. Sadly, Jeannette is still embarrassed by her mother and decides to abandon the party and goes home (Walls, 2005). It appears as though Jeannette fears having a connection with her mother around her peers. It is possible that she wishes simply to leave that life behind her now that she is successful. Jeannette returns to her apartment, which we discover is filled with luxurious items such as gorgeous vases and Persian rugs. She then admits that she is embarrassed by her parents actions and yet feels guilty that she has become successful on her own here.
It is mentioned that Jeannette has attempted to help them many times, however, her parents feel comfortable living on the streets because it allows them to feel “free”. Her immense guilt which stemmed…

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