The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls Essay

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Do you ever ponder the idea of why every family is so diverse and why people act the way they act? This family studies class offers an exploration of unique families, how to manage resources, environmental influences, and the important steps in the decision making process. All of these factors come in play when answering why people are the way they are and the varying traits within families. The Glass Castle, written by Jeannette Walls is a memoir that expresses the hardships and obstacles she faced while growing up. The book starts out with Jeannette going to an event but on the way she was overwhelmed with embarrassment when she saw her homeless mom searching through a dumpster. Soon after the taxi ride, Jeannette flashes back to her childhood and continues to tell her remarkable life story. She starts out with her most memorable moment, which was when she was three years old, standing by a hot oven and got scorched by a hot flame. She ended up in a hospital and a day later her dad, Rex Walls, came to pick her up to “skedaddle” which was his way of not paying the medical bill. From then on, the Walls family moved town-to-town adventuring through the states. Due to her dad’s alcoholism and tendency to escape from authorities Jeannette’s mom, two sisters, and brother eventually ended in Battle Mountain, Nevada. After a few months in Nevada, the Walls moved to Phoenix, where Jeannette’s mom inherited her mother’s land/house. Altercations with the neighborhood boys, finding…

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