Essay on The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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In the book, The Glass Castle, the author named Jeannette Walls opens up about the hardships her family was forced to experience. Main factors in those hardships were poverty and Jeannette’s father’s drinking habit. Through these issues, Jeannette along with her siblings managed to tackle the parental role and take care of themselves, as well as each other. Although Jeannette’s parents were at times negligent, they had undoubtedly taught their children long-lasting morals and values. These lessons have proven to play a significant role on the children and brought them together, even in the worst of situations. Despite the continuous struggles that the Walls family faced with Rex in attendance or not, their sanguinity and hopes of a better future has ultimately kept them in maintenance. The Walls children’s actions, especially Jeannette’s, brought the family a steady future. Therefore, the Glass Castle was an impressive book because of Jeannette’s strength, knowledge, and belief in her usually intoxicated father that her siblings very much lacked. Ever since she was a little girl, Jeannette respected her father named Rex Walls for countless reasons. One of those reasons was his true intelligence. As Jeannette Walls wrote, “Dad was an expert in math and physics and electricity” (Walls 23). His intelligence brought surprise to the children, and most of the time, solutions to problems. However, Rex encountered an issue with liquor, of which Jeannette referred to as “when we…

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