The Giver Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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The Differences between Reading and Watching The Giver.
All around the world, some people prefer watching movie versions of stories, while others enjoy reading books. Students like to read or to watch The Giver. At UMBC, both reading and watching The Giver are the requirements for the students, who learn the English language. In general, both versions are popular. However, there are some differences, such as the time needed to finish the story, the characters, and the reader’s interest. Despite the fact that both watching and reading the story have numerous advantages, reading a book is considered to be more effective and useful for students.
The first difference between reading The Giver and watching its movie version is the duration of
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Some students claim that reading the book is more interesting than watching the movie that lasts three or four hours. If students read the book, they will probably know many funny and interesting events. Nonetheless, watching the movie enables them to know some interesting events, but these events happen within a short period of time. Therefore, the instructors at UMBC advise students to always read the book rather than watch the movie as it enjoying and fascinating. Moreover, students can enjoy reading the book for a long period of time. The book provides a student with an opportunity to enjoy numerous rhetorical approaches. It makes the students deepen the world of the story and makes the reader experience the same challenges and events as the characters.
To sum up, The Giver is a novel written by Lois Lowry. The book has been recently adapted to movie. It is easy to know the story by watching the movie version or reading the book. However, reading a book and watching a movie have some differences, for example, the duration of the story, characters, and reader’s interest. As a result, some students are interested in reading the book, while the others prefer watching the movie. Both activities have theirs advantages and disadvantages, but reading the story seems to

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