The Giver, By Lois Lowry And Gary Ross Essay

1347 Words Nov 18th, 2015 6 Pages
Lois Lowry and Gary Ross teach us what it means to live a satisfying life. Discuss. The two parallel worlds between the novel, ‘The Giver,’ written by Lois Lowry, and within the award-winning movie, ‘Pleasantville’ directed by Gary Ross, explore similar attempts, by society to create an idealistic world that contradicts the nature of living a satisfying life. Unlike the life that we are familiar with, the lives of the characters in these universes, live under strict conformity as they strive for perfection. This however, has a deeper meaning than what meets the eye- that denies the key qualities for living a satiating life that includes the presence of: memory, rebellion and one’s appreciation upon themself. Lowry and Ross further discuss the importance of diversity within these societies that lead characters into discovering a more rewarding life. The importance of memory in association to living a satisfying life runs deep in the two universes established by Lowry and Ross. Setting her book in a dystopian world, Lowry depicts the dark and dangerous consequence of the limitation of memory to a far more drastic extent in comparison to the world set in Pleasantville, where the potential for individuals to change and gain these vital memories is still possible. Lowry’s main character, Jonas, opens his eyes and realises the ‘flaws’ in a perfect world for the first time, when receiving the forgotten memories of humanity within the Annexe room. Despite feeling the pain ‘of a…

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