The Gifted Hands Book Review Essay

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Gifted Hands Book Review
Growing up in the poor streets of Detroit, Dr. Ben Carson could have never dreamed of the life that he had to look forward to in the future. When Ben was nine years old, his father abandoned him and his family. Ben’s mother, Sonya was the motivator in her two sons’ lives. Although Sonya only had a third-grade education, she was a very smart woman, who knew that education was the way for her sons to get out of the ghetto and have successful lives. Sonya had strict rules the boys lived by. Curtis, the older brother, and Ben were only allowed two hours of television a week. They would also have to read two books a week and provide Sonya with book reports. Throughout their young lives, Ben and Curtis were faced with many challenges that could have led them down the wrong paths. Ben developed an attitude, and his grades began to fall. Sonya did not give up on him or Curtis, and she continued to motivate them toward the goals she had set for them. Sonya also inspired Ben’s Christian beliefs which he upholds his entire life. There are several times when Ben is up against the impossible, that he prays to God and uses his faith to do the impossible. After finally believing in himself, Ben began to work hard in school. Through his hard work, he becomes one of the top in his class his junior and senior year. Because of his academic excellence and high SAT scores, Ben found himself getting accepted into and receiving a full academic scholarship to one of the…

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