The Geopolitical Theories Of Halford J. Mackinder 's Heartland

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It can be noted that the geopolitical theories of Halford J. Mackinder influenced Karl Haushofer’s investigations of Mackinder’s “heartland” theory and other studies that Nazi Germany would later employ in their political campaign from the 1930’s until 1945. Mackinder’s “heartland” theory suggests that parts of eastern Europe and Asia make up for a continental piece of land known as the “heartland”, which after examination and study, Mackinder was convinced that it provided that most national potentialities for whoever occupies that area ranging in a number of things from military mobility, economic resources, and other sovereign interests. At the time that Mackinder developed his theories not much talk about Germany was presented by him as primary focuses ranged on a number of things and listed many countries that he considered inside and outside of the “heartland” by pin pointing its location. However, Karl Haushofer during his own studies of geopolitiks, while also with having strong nationalist beliefs that Germany become stronger attracted notoriety in Germany, which later through observations made of his studies in geopolitiks by the Nazi party, it convinced the Nazi party to use Haushofer’s work for their own national interests pertaining to strategic military expansion. Furthermore, Haushofer’s influence over the Nazi party’s decisions to use his work proved to be beneficial and aligned favourably at the time with Adolf Hitler’s intentions for global domination.1


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