The Geography Of The United States

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The geography of the United States changes a lot when you are from California. If it’s south, its Texas. If it’s east, it’s New York. If it 's North, I don’t know, Canada maybe? And of course, California dominates the west coast. Whatever breaking news that was happening elsewhere didn’t matter much unless it happened in the golden state. I grew up in this paradisal isolation. This mentality that you were in the center of the universe, and that everything else was simply revolving.
That was until my sophomore year of high school, when I was taken from the spotlight and moved to irrelevance; also known as Missouri. The main reason that Missouri was so irrelevant to me was its location. It was way too south to be considered nothern, but not south enough to be south. It wasn’t near any coast either, in fact, it’s in the heart of the states. This was a point beyond all recognition for me. Upon arriving here, I had no expectations whatsoever. I planned to suffer in quiet misery until I could graduate and return home like the prodigal son. Instead, these past three years have made such an impression on me that I can’t just leave and act like this place doesn’t exist anymore. The lessons I’ve learned here could never be taught to me by the cities and streets, instead I had to learn it through the lakes and plains.
California is dynamic. Always growing, changing, and by the time you get used to something, it’s gone. There’s something about this eccentricity that draws people to it,

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