Essay The Genre Of Horror Films

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The genre of horror films has evolved into an existence that would have once come across as sadistic and unoriginal to the people of the early twentieth century. Horror enthusiasts Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, and Edgar Allen Poe would cringe in their coffins at what has come to the genre they influenced, perfected, and created for the world to experience. What once used to be a never ending, bloodcurdling screaming celebration has since turned into horror flicks that now seem to be more comedic than terrifying and result in audiences often becoming disinterested. In earlier generations, actors and actresses were forced to investigate and research information that could be used to heighten their performances. Today, living actors have since been replaced by CGI animation. While a majority of the elements of horror films have drastically evolved, one element has remained constant. The fundamental concept of character development has remained intact since the beginning of the horror era. The character types that appear in horror films today are nearly exact to what was being shown on the big screen during a period of black and white films. As the opening credits are rolling and the plot is being introduced, we often come into contact with the first victim the brutal killer will claim as his own--enter the Dumb Blonde. As the Dumb Blonde is often the first to go, she is also the first to make major mistakes that seem as if she has a sign glued to her perfectly toned, overly…

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