Essay about The Genocide Of The Rwanda Genocide

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Broken Promises
The Rwanda genocide is a shameful episode in human history that illustrates the inability of the international community to help the population who is in need of a hero. General Romeo Dallaire was the commander for the United Nations mission in Rwanda at the time of the Genocide. Regardless of his continuous efforts to try to prevent the genocide, his ideals were halted by the skepticism of the world in the situation. General Dallaire fought until the end to stop the cruelty of the situation with his life at risk and never giving up on those who the world had ignored and left to die in the hands of its enemy. General Dallaire, regardless of his failure in Rwanda, is a role model to our generation. He demonstrated that helping to the best of our abilities sometimes is not enough but it still makes a difference in the outcome of the situation. Romeo Dallaire’s story started in Canada. His father was Canadian who fought in World War II where he met his wife in Holland. Dallaire at his young age always admired the army and his aspiration was to one day be able to serve his country just like his dad. His toys were all plastic soldiers and his games all involved strategy and the destruction of the enemy with the use of his creative tactics. Years later, his interest for a military school was sparked by the realization that he was not preparing well to be eligible for the school. He realized joining the army as officer was not going to be a simple task. Romeo…

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