Essay on The Genesis Of God 's Love

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In the beginning was the genesis of creation, where had God moved by his spirit to create the Heavens, Earth, and mankind for a companionship with one of his own image. God wanted a relationship based on freewill for the product of true love. But the free will of mankind resulted in the fall from the grace of God. Because of God’s love, we can see the movement of God throughout history to reconcile the relationship between God and mankind back into right standing. The movement shows a trajectory approach for the growth of mankind as we move from an infant childlike faith to a full grown intimate relationship with God. And throughout the testimony of God through the prophets, God shows his plan through the promises that he made with Abraham.
The Book of Genesis presents us with how everything began with the spirit of God in the creations of the Heavens and the Earth. And through a period of seven days spoke into being all that is in the earth and of the earth. He formed from the dust of the earth a man called Adam in the form of his own image. Then he created the first woman called Eve to be a companion to Adam. They were together and had children, their children had children since they were to be fruitful and multiply to fill the earth and subdue it. God creates a Garden for Adam and Eve and said everything in the garden is for them except the tree of knowledge, they must not eat of its fruit. But in the garden was a crafty serpent who deceived Adam and Eve into eating the…

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