The Role Of Eve In The Book Of Genesis

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My focus will be on Eve. Her creation, life, and eventual downfall from God’s favor. But in order to properly do justice to her story, one must start at the very beginning. When the earth was a formless void, God created substance from chaos. This story in the Bible is told in the beginning of the book of Genesis. The authorship of the book of Genesis is not confirmed, but is generally attributed to Moses who lived sometime around the 1400s BC (Kent & Knight 7).
The creation story is recounted in two parts. First, the creation of the earth, its separate parts, and of the plants and animals that dwell upon the earth. Second, is the creation of all these same parts inside the Garden of Eden. God is clearly setting aside the Garden of Eden as a lush paradise for his chosen servant, Adam and, by extension, Eve. God 's decision to make Adam is portrayed as a final grand act, a piece de resistance if you will. For all the living creatures created before then, God simply said “Let it be” and it was. It would appear that He put quite a bit more thought into the creation of the one in His image. God purposely chose to form man of the dust of the Earth and personally breathed life into Adam’s nostrils (Kent & Knight 7). The creation of
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The second part of the creation story begins in Genesis chapter 2. The

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