The Generation Of World War I Essay

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Per The Oxford Dictionary, a generation is “A group of people of similar age involved in a particular activity”. In 20th century America, it became popular practice to classify generations by certain credentials whether they be economic, political, or social in nature. Most generations receive their title from an event or actions that distinguish them from any previous groups. For example, the generation who were coming of age after World War I became known as The Lost Generation due to the enormous casualties of young men and the destruction of traditional values due to the ravages of a worldwide war. Another example would be The Baby Boomer generation from the 1950s, who received their title for being born in a time of peace and prosperity within the United States, which led to an unprecedented number of children to be born. Presently, there has been discussions on what differentiates the generation born from 1995- 2005, who are currently coming of age within society. When examining the humans born within this time span, one thing that differentiates them from any previous generation is their acceptance of each person’s uniqueness. More so than any other previous group, people born with the period of 1996-2006 are throwing away demanding societal body expectations and embracing their God given natural bodies. Over the past fifteen years, this generation has used platforms such as social media, advertisements, books, and music to show that a person’s uniqueness is what…

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