The General Theory Of Crime Essay

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As we have the past centuries have been studying the way and why a person has committed crimes as well as trying to understand why behave in different patterns and different types of situations that they come across. One would first use the general theory of crime, which was developed by Michael Gottfredson and Travis Hirschi. Now in this particular theory they both believed that “deviance and criminal acts of self-control”(criminology by Leonard Glick, J. Mitchell Miller pg.176).
Thus making an extremely great point, because their understanding was if you showed high levels of self control you would have the less chances of committing the crimes. Where as if you did not have that balance, then you could possibly commit the crime as well as understand why you are committing the crime. See the problem is while people continually commit crimes they only do them for certain reasons, for example, many criminals use crimes as a well of excitement or thrill-seeking adventures whereas yet others that may have and result in long-term benefits.
One example of a person that results in long-term benefits are criminals who commit bank robberies if they are not cost the potential use that as a long-term benefit and in their eyes it will be looked at as a way to never commit another crime. While I agree with General theory of crimes: the conflict theory would in my opinion best fit for this study of the criminal justice policy. Now understanding of the conflict theory would have to date…

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