The General American Society Is Obese Essay

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The general American society is obese. Only two percent of children in the United States eat a healthy diet. That right there is totally parents fault. I mean when I was younger we didn’t go out to eat every two days. Most of our food now a days are processed. Many kids don’t even participate in free-time physical activity, twenty-five percent are too lazy to get up off their ass to stop watching television or playing video games, their being “fat kids”. For a long while kids didn’t have that many video games many had to go out and PLAY! The worst part is adult are not much better! Adults are OBESE just as bad as kids.
However, there are a few things we could do. To help stop Americans from being obese we could electro shock them every time they try to eat fatty foods and or try over eating. They are only allowed three healthy meals a day. The portion sizes will not be the typical American ones that are gigantic. We will now serve a typical European size portions which is a lot smaller than what is eaten now. A portion size would be a teaspoon of peanut butter, butter, or sugar. One cup of cereal, pasta or vegetables. A handful of nuts would be about an ounce. An ounce of cheese is all you could have for one meal, or a cup of milk. Three ounces of meat, fish or poultry, and two ounces of chips or pretzels would be enough.
Everyone in America would have to get a specialized bracelet or if they had a tongue ring that would work as well. The bracelet would have a sensor to…

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