Are We Making People Obese?

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America. The land of the free and the home to the courageous inventors, protesters, and politicians that have shaped the world as we know it. For centuries, the United States has been a place recognized by all as the powerhouse of the world; a country with the biggest houses, debt, and unfortunately… people. “ ⅔ of the population consists of citizens who are considered overweight/obese, making 68% of the United States unhealthy” (Hasan). Whether it be building nutritious supermarkets such as Whole Foods, promoting TV shows like ‘The Biggest Loser’, or purchasing activewear at your local Dick’s, the journey towards a healthier America is very much alive. But with barely any progress made when it comes to the amount of obese individuals that …show more content…
benefits, while also assuring that taxing low-income families because they can’t afford to eat healthier isn’t the right way to go. Foods and drinks are only some of the factors making people obese. There is a lot more that goes into being obese, like not exercising regularly. According to Martin Binks, a clinical psychologist and a CEO of Binks Behavioral Health says, “Unhealthy foods and drinks are only a small contributor to many factors that lead to obesity” (Binks). The opposing side would also say that picking one product won 't make a change. The American Beverage Association said in a written statement, “ Singling out one set of products in such an overly simplistic manner only undermines efforts to combat this complex issue” (“Percent”). Another reason some people are against the idea of a fat tax in the U.S is because the impoverished can not afford to be a lot spending money on food because the government says its bad for their bodies. The article says, “Junk food is much cheaper than healthy food, that’s a fact, people living in poverty don 't have the money buy junk foods and should be punished for it ” (Maris). I believe, however, that picking a variety of unhealthy products would make a difference. If we went about it by taxing particular businesses then we would see major paybacks. Lower-income families would see back their money because the revenue coming in from the fat tax would help welfare programs and be put towards making healthier options

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