Essay about The, Gay, Bisexual, And Transgender

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Members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (trans) community (LGBT) often experience bullying (Franson, 2013) in the form of rude comments, stares, discrimination, and physical violence. These reactions are in response to individuals’ discomfort with the bullying victims’ gender or sexual identity (Kopas & Beckett, 2012). There are many people who do not conform to a specific gender, and there is a growing acknowledgment of those self-identifying as being transgendered (Franson, 2013). As the Government of Canada addresses this issue in part through the potential passing of Bill C-279, Gender Identity Bill to “legally recognize and protect the human rights of trans people in Canada” (Egale Canada, 2015), amendments to this bill could also take rights away from trans people by disallowing their use of public washrooms or change rooms (King, 2015). Senators are not the only ones opposed to trans people having access to washrooms and other facilities, a festival in the United States, the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, has also been discriminating against trans people since the festival’s opening of 1979, with a womyn-born-womyn policy (Kendall, 2008). Due to the discrimination and feelings of uneasiness that trans people face in public surroundings such as schools, businesses, and institutions, they should be more accommodating to people who identify as transgender such as access to bathrooms, change rooms, health care, and document changes (Beemyn, Curtis, Davis,…

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