The Gathering Of Background Information Essay examples

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The process begins with setting an interview goal for the interview bound to take place, with Mr. Danny Jones. In this case, the crime being committed involves multiple ghost employees on Plush Pets payroll. The Key goal of the interview should be to uncover the culprit of the crime, without boldly accusing an employee of committing said crime without prudent documentary evidence. To do so, the proper background information is needed in order to prepare for each of the interviews taking place. The gathering of background information plays a particularly important role in the preparation of an interview. Taking the background information gathered, the interviewer can develop a questionnaire for each suspect that uses information only prudent to that employee, by doing so, evidence that does not regard a particular employee can be left out of said interview. Background information can also help interviewer set the order of the interviews, by doing so you can ensure that the main suspect believed to have committed the crime is interviewed at the right time, allowing no time for preparation or destruction of evidence. In order to begin the interview a particular approach needs selected. In a ghost employee payroll scheme such as this, the best approach that can be used is the “factual approach”. A Factual approach requires investigators to gather extensive knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the incident and the activities of the suspect. This approach can be considered…

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