The Gap Between The Rich And The Poor Essay

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Health has become a primary concern in the United States of America. Bridging the gap between the rich and the poor in a purely capitalistic nation has proven to be quite a task. Languishing in poverty in a super power nation is even more demeaning in comparison to poverty stricken nation, which is expected. The various inputs that steer economic development work in tandem with the policies that have been signed into law via the signing of ObamaCare. Americans are to enjoy the pros that come about as a result of the signing of ObamaCare into law. This brings about numerous health benefits and further economic empowerment.
The productivity of individuals increases with the placement of sound health and economic strategies. On one end, the health services ensure that the labor or work force is of sound health with the ability to positively contribute towards bringing development. On the other, economic strategies keeps inflation at a minimum so that the laborer and taxpayer do not have to pay higher costs to fulfill tax obligations. Amenities such as health, insurance, food, and transport become affordable to the citizen all of which are factored in ObamaCare. Both the low and middle-income earner can enjoy the benefits from insurance. It is a health reform strategy aimed at promoting fairness in terms of the provision of high quality of health services regardless of an individual’s standing in the society-whether rich or poor.

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