Essay on The Game Of Football And Valuable Life

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From a young age, I always loved playing football; being out on the field is one of the best feelings ever. The adrenaline, hearing the crowd cheering, scoring touchdowns; it a rush that goes through my veins and I cannot get enough of it. I would play because I enjoyed it, but I had no idea how the simple game of football would change my life for the better. Growing up I used to see my friends come home from little league practice everyday on school days and that really used to make me mad. They used to get home when the street lights were on and we were not able to come outside and play at that time. One day, I just told my mother I wanted to play football and she got me signed up as soon as possible. I never changed my mind to ever stop playing since that day. The first team I played for was the St. Clair Shore Green Hornets Youth Football, where I started learning the game of football and valuable life lessons. My first two football positions were tight-end and middle linebacker. I started off doing really well and I had to learn more about the game if I wanted to be the best. Once I got to high school, I was unaware of how my hard work was about to pay off. Coach Jermain Crowell, a defensive coordinator, recruited me to attend Cass Technical High School. During my time in high school, he was my defensive coordinator and he showed me how to play the game. Cass Tech is nationally known for having great student athletes I started playing wide-out when I…

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