The Game That Is Not About Joy Poem Analysis

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The “Game” that is not about joy by Laura Kasischke. Do you remember the times, when you were a child? Times, when you could enjoy every second of your life for no reason? Childhood is awesome, since small people, who have not yet experienced the painful side of our life, are ready to share their joy with everyone around them. But author of this poem describes feelings of a kid in an unusual situation. She points out that any “game” has to meet its end eventually. Laura shows a short moment of life of a small girl that changed the life of the child in an instant. The first sentence of the poem reveals to us that the child had a common day and “I thought” (1) indicates that it seemed so for the girl. Author shows that this girl was not alone by telling “we” (1). That “we” (1) has to deal with the girl and her mother, as it is mentioned in the next line. Mother “chased” (3) her, suggesting that a mother and her daughter were playing in catch-up in the “forest” (2). Any forest in the world is inhabited by numerous living creatures that are hiding in the dark, behind crowns and poles of the trees. In this particular poem the meaning of “forest” (2) is an omen for something bad to happen. Second stanza starts with “but” (4) that is an obvious transition word, which introduces an opposite event in the poetry. This “but” (4) means that …show more content…
Starting with “I” (29) author shows to readers a small confession from the girl. The following “was a grown woman” (29) implies the fact, that she already became older inside. She understood the feeling of loss of someone important at a young age, but she acted like an adult, trying to keep her emotions inside and stay as calm as possible. At that moment she was standing overwhelmed and confused, trying to return to the past and “turn/back” (29/30). However, this little child was left without her mother and it was already “too late” (30) to do

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