Essay about The Future Role Of South East Asia

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Essay Assignment

With reference to their recent economic performance, investigate the likelihood of countries in South-East Asia becoming significant players in the global economy in the next few years. Consider the possible implications for the role of the US dollar and the policies of international institutions such as the IMF and WTO, if China becomes the dominant world economic power in the next few years.

In recent years, China has been emerging as a strong economic and political power. This is challenging the role of dominant economic world powers such as the United States and the institutions which supports them. As this essay has three important topics to be discussed on, a detailed description of each phase of this essay will be given in separate paragraphs. The first paragraph will consider the future role of South-East Asia in the world’s economy. In this section the discussion will point to the recent economic conditions of some countries in South-East Asia and a few other factors such as education, skill and technology, which can be very critical in planning the future of South-East Asian countries. In the next section, the implications for the US dollar based on China’s prospective position will be presented. For the sake of discussion, it will also be argued that either China would be able to utilize its strengths for becoming the superior power of the world or it can never compete with the western economy such as the United States. Based on China’s…

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