The Future Of The Internet Essay

1862 Words Apr 7th, 2016 null Page
The mobile web is the future of the Internet, and the future is here today - especially for the new millennium marketers. Consumers are becoming more mobile, and relying more and more on their smartphones and other mobile devices. According to Scripted com’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, J.D. Peterson “Millennials simply expect technology to work, because that’s been their experience. Naturally millennials embrace and align themselves with technology because they identification with technology; millennials tend to adopt new technology more quickly compared with the more skeptical approach of previous generations. When it comes to selling a product or service to millennials, you have to pay attention to their social habits when developing your digital marketing strategy. Because Millennials love to share everything, whether it’s via social media or their inner circles, their peers know their purchase decisions—and the reasoning behind them. You need to have a strong presence to where they are: on their phones.
How to targeting Millennials Millennials is shaping the world with their smartphones; this generation was raised on technology; therefore most of them have smartphones attached to their hands and share their every move on social media. When target millennial we must consider their habits such; Social media is a huge forum to targeting millennials. Whether it’s checking out pictures on Instagram or reviewing tweets on Twitter, when…

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