The Future Of The Florida Sun Shines Essay

1449 Words Dec 1st, 2014 6 Pages
The Florida sun shines in my face as I walk along the local farmer’s market. To my left the smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies reminds me of grandma. The man selling homemade air fresheners smells of pine triggering my memory of picking out my first christmas tree. As I walk through the market different smells provoke different memories from long ago. Even the smell of burning fire reminds me of roasting marshmallows and making s’mores with my cousins out by the fire pit. People perceive food as an edible necessity bringing pleasure and gratification, delicious and riotous to the eye. However, food is also very beneficial to the nose. The scent of food can not only be pleasurable or unpalatable, but can help reveal earlier memories as well as aid to remember vital information about the food itself. Research has shown the olfactory bulb is located next to the hippocampus, (the part of the brain imperative for memory and converting short memories to long term memories.) Yaara Yeshurun a psychologist with a PhD for her work in studying the aspects of odor memory, conducted a study which presented “a unique hippocampal activation for early olfactory but not auditory associations, regardless of whether they were pleasant or unpleasant” (Yeshurun). During her experiment, she exposed the subjects to both pleasant smells and sounds as well as unpleasant sounds and smells. “We then presented the same visual objects and tested odor-associative memory concurrent with…

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