The Future Of The Children Essay

860 Words Dec 11th, 2016 4 Pages
The future lies in the hands of the children. Society should not measure a nation by the amount of money or resources money it has, but instead how it teaches and raises the next generation. The children of today will develop into the adults of tomorrow and decide what the future will hold. I hope for empowerment for our children. I define empowerment as possessing the capability to initiate decisions and take actions that solve problems and question solutions, therefore improving on approaches for today’s issues. I want to cultivate responsible, ethical, and caring visionaries who will change our world t When they construct our future world, I anticipate for them to realize the possibility of creating extraordinary in ordinary and formulate an opening when there is none, thus establishing hope. To develop empowered children, I commit to ensuring three things. First, I will promote student engagement, helping them to feel empowered. Second, I will teach my students the importance of integrity, thus generating authentic and sincere individuals. Last, of all; demonstrate to my students that, the significance of continual learning to prosper in a changing world.
Student engagement defines the amount of interest, inquisitiveness, and attention that a pupil obtains towards learning. By engaging students, it encourages them to dig deeper into the content, learning more and facilitating growth. To gain a student’s interest I will express excitement and passion for the…

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