The Future Of Generation X And Future Generations

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Fifty-one million members of Generation X—those born between 1961 and 1981—have seen the world around them change in a myriad of ways during their lifetimes (Kiger, 2016). Several major historical events such as the World Wide Web (WWW), new technological advancements every six months, liberalized divorce, the influx of women into the labor force, AIDS, pill and legalized abortion, and MTV have changed American society.
In the 1970s, Apple made their first personal computer and Microsoft developed their first operating system - the technology, which this generation and those thereafter are growing up with. Generation X embraced the digital world with gusto and is the generation that pushed technological development to its limits. Their contributions to technology saw the birth of the mobile phone; which is arguably the most life altering technology on future generations, since mobile phone has allowed unparalleled access to consumers. The Internet also has fundamentally changed the life of every human being (Facefacts, 2013). Generation X and future generations believe that the advances in communication, through technological means, will
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Instead of remaining loyal to their company, they have a commitment to their work, to the team they work with, and the boss they work for. If this generation is not happy and content with their job, a resume out and the best offer is accepted at another organization (Thiefoldt and Scheef, 2004). There is no wonder why the next generations are team-oriented, expect structure in the workplace, acknowledge and respect positions and titles, and banding together to date and socialize rather than pairing off. They 're good multi-taskers, having juggled sports, school, and social interests as children so expect them to work hard. They don 't always mesh with Generation X 's love of independence and hands-off style (Thiefoldt and Scheef,

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